What lies ahead for beautiful Brisbane?

Being a member of Brisbane's Climate Change and Energy Taskforce was a tremendous opportunity to advise Council on the opportunities and risks for Brisbane's future.

Relishing the opportunity to share knowledge

Scott is a frequent presenter at conferences and seminars, sharing his perspectives on infrastructure sustainability, climate adaptation and business value.

Can you power your business cleanly?

Scott was part of several major initiatives to use purchasing power to entice renewable energy generation to the region.

Australia has always had a variable climate

Sometimes the climate change discussion is too divisive for client organisations. Analysing local climate variability can be a positive starting point for adaptation.

We tend to manage what we measure

Although people are often proud of their unique spreadsheets, what would happen if they were run over by a bus? Does your business make decisions on robust data?

What does it mean for infrastructure to be sustainable?

Over the past five years, I have worked with colleagues from around Australia to establish the outstanding 'Infrastructure Sustainability' rating scheme for infrastructure.

Determined to find pragmatic, sustainable solutions for your challenges.