Enjoying Tasmania's wilderness...

Oliver and Scott - with some friends and family - survived the Overland Track this January. Here we are on Cradle Mountain!

Can we stop plastic pollution?

We were grateful for the opportunity to work with the Queensland Government and key stakeholders on the new Plastic Pollution Reduction Plan.

Can you power your business cleanly?

Scott was part of several major initiatives to use purchasing power to entice renewable energy generation to the region.

Australia has always had a variable climate

Sometimes the climate change discussion is too divisive for client organisations. Analysing local climate variability can be a positive starting point for adaptation.

We tend to manage what we measure

Although people are often proud of their unique spreadsheets, what would happen if they were run over by a bus? Does your business make decisions on robust data?

What does it mean for infrastructure to be sustainable?

Over the past eleven years, Scott Losee has worked with colleagues from around Australia to establish the ISCA 'Infrastructure Sustainability' rating scheme for infrastructure.

Helping clients advance their interests and be more sustainable, since 2013.