Shaping a sustainable future

Climate change raises complex problems. Places and organisations must act now to invest in a better future. The challenge is in the practical implementation.


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Sustainability specialists

At Losee Consulting, we help you confront sustainability, climate change and environmental challenges through thoughtful analysis, practical advice, and outstanding deliverables.
We are a team of sustainability specialists who work alongside governments, engineers, scientists, architects, business leaders, and consultation professionals.

We help Australia’s largest infrastructure organisations and projects discover, develop and evaluate innovations that deal with climate change and promote sustainability.


We work alongside engineers, scientists, architects, planners, and consultation professionals to discover, develop and evaluate innovations that genuinely advance sustainability.

Carbon & climate

Leaders worldwide accept climate change as a fundamental challenge for humanity. Our team has decades of experience in tackling carbon emissions, and in building resilience to unavoidable climate change.


We relish problems that have no obvious solution, or for which a novel approach could achieve a breakthrough. Our team loves a challenge and creating environmental solutions that make a real impact.


Moreton Bay Regional Council Project


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Cross River Rail Project


Ipswich Motorway Project

Ready to move toward carbon neutral?

Whether you have specific requirements, such as achieving a sustainability rating, or a general need, such as making your move towards carbon neutral, our approach delivers value in several key ways.

Sustainability is an all-encompassing concept about working toward a better world.

“The exceptional level of experience, as well as genuine commitment, gives me a very high level of confidence when they have been engaged for a project or task. They have always delivered, and have always been solution focused.”

“Losee Consulting are very knowledgeable, experienced, adaptable and flexible. Importantly they are fun to work with. I find Losee Consulting very professional and trustworthy, I feel that they provide me with measured and balanced advice and guidance and that they want the best outcome for me.”

“Met all of our requirements, took initiatives to facilitate completion of the work and ease client workloads, engaged well with all team members and other subbies. If only all consultants were this efficient and easy to work with!”

“Expert fit-for-purpose practical guidance recognising need for balanced approach. Able to add value and relative insight by bringing in international context. Genuinely invested in sustainable outcomes yet ensuring this is achieved in an effective and efficient manner. Able to provide innovative solutions and challenge thinking.”

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