Sustainability is a principle to influence decisions, to maintain and enhance quality of life, now and in the future. It requires an integrated consideration of the economy, society, environment and governance.

It is an all-encompassing concept about working towards a better world, but this can be difficult to operationalise.

Losee Consulting helps clients develop integrated approaches, organisation-wide, and provides a range of specialist, sustainability consulting services.

Project examples


Tunnel energy efficiency initiative. Led a process to evaluate the business case, oversee air quality studies and negotiate with regulators, saving up to $120,000 p.a.

Infrared image of road workers

Motorway upgrade climate risk assessments. Applied AS5334 process with BOM/CSIRO data, stakeholder workshops and desktop research to multiple road projects.

SPC sustainability roadmap. Working with partners Amec Foster Wheeler, we developed a roadmap for energy and water reductions for this iconic Australian cannery.

Climate change and resilience

Many organisations and places are not well adapted even to existing climate variability, let alone the future climate influenced by the build-up of greenhouse gases.

While many excellent thinkers are studying climate change and adaptation approaches, we aim to work with your organisation’s existing processes to improve resilience—not to bamboozle you with jargon or data.

We can take your organisation through a rigorous risk assessment (or refresh existing risk assessments) and integrate it with corporate risk registers and management systems. Our workshop facilitation methods are outcome focussed and respectful of employees’ time.

Your adaptation plan must be prudent and considered. We will help identify an appropriate pathway, encouraging optimal investments over time, but also in building workforce, community and customer resilience.

Carbon and energy

Businesses are confronted with complex regulations and challenging community expectations. These wax and wane, but do not go away. Losee Consulting helps firms navigate the intricacies of energy and carbon management to control risk, ensure compliance and identify and realise opportunities.

We take a problem-solving approach—evaluating initiatives, designing behaviour change programs, arranging carbon offsetting and procuring renewable energy.

Objectives, targets, metrics and reporting

We are skilled at developing, implementing and reporting on sustainability metrics and targets. We prepare reports to address regulatory requirements (e.g. NGERs) or voluntary industry initiatives such as GRI or CDP.