Tunnel energy efficiency initiative


Tunnel Energy Efficiency Initiative

The original approval conditions for a road tunnel reflected community concerns at the time, requiring emissions to be directed through ventilation outlets, rather than traffic portals. However, this required an enormous amount of electricity with its own environmental effects from greenhouse gas emissions.

Losee Consulting led a stepwise process to evaluate the business case, oversee air quality monitoring and modelling and negotiate with environmental authorities for a more optimal balance between stack and portal ventilation. Scott developed proposals for new operating conditions that would maintain environmental protection while also being practical for operators to implement.

The new ventilation regimes for night and ‘inter-peak’ periods would be trialed over two years. The approach showed how turbulent daytime air would disperse pollutants during low to medium traffic periods, potentially yielding savings in peak electricity. The new regime could save $120,000 per year in electricity and equipment wear and tear.