Ipswich Motorway, Rocklea to Darra infrastructure sustainability services

Ipswich Motorway, Rocklea to Darra infrastructure sustainability, design and construct

When the Bielby Hull Albem JV (BHA) had won the D&C contract for this $176 million motorway upgrade, it accepted an obligation to achieve an ‘Excellent’ rating under the Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating scheme. This was new to the contractor and new to the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

Losee Consulting worked closely with BHA to set up the necessary systems (e.g. sustainability management plan) and ensure evidence was collected and opportunities taken to claim points against credits. Our approach was to be responsive to BHA needs and complete additional tasks when asked to fill gaps in BHA capability (e.g. energy, water and materials modelling).

In this fashion, BHA was able to manage its use of consultants to gauge expenditure to align with meeting its contractual requirement for an Excellent rating, while also developing its team’s skills to reduce future dependency on consultants. R2D successfully received its Excellent Design Rating, with more than nine points above the minimum requirement.