Plastic pollution reduction policy and engagement

Plastic pollution stakeholder engagement

Plastic pollution is rapidly becoming an urgent global concern. Following the successful commencement of Queensland’s ban on lightweight plastic bags, public pressure was turning to remaining sources. The government needed a way to capitalise on public attention and effectively plan and prioritise its next steps. The Department of Environment and Science (DES) engaged Losee Consulting to help continue this momentum.

The development of Queensland’s Plastic Pollution Reduction Plan (PPRP) signals a turning point for government action on this issue in Australia. It will be the first time any Australian government has systematically addressed plastic pollution through prioritised interventions across the plastic lifecycle and by promoting the circular economy.

In the first phase, Losee Consulting planned and delivered a workshop for 35 stakeholders, including background papers, pre-workshop consultation and facilitation.

The workshop outcomes are guiding the second phase. The process is aimed at developing evidence-based policy that enjoys stakeholder support.