Motorway depot environmental review

Inspecting waterway protections at maintenance depot

Motorway depot environmental and planning review

The Illaweena Street Depot is a 1.15 ha site that supports Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of the Logan and Gateway Extension Motorway. Transurban operates under an ISO14001 certified environmental management system. It needed a fresh and independent review of the environmental and land use situation for the site due to changes in ownership, personnel, O&M contractor, as well as the upcoming Logan Enhancement Project.

Scott inspected the site with Transurban and Transfield (O&M) personnel, preparing an initial memorandum of observations and corresponding photos. He then searched the site history through Transurban files, reviewed legislative and planning requirements, and prepared a comprehensive report with actionable recommendations. Where items warranted short-term attention, Scott liaised with Transurban environmental managers to identify improvements.

Using the consolidated account of the site history that the report provided, Transurban was able to prioritise upgrades, liaise more effectively with its contractor and plan for the future of the depot.