Review of land sector opportunities for the Queensland Government to participate in the ERF

Rural landscape

Land sector abatement advice to Qld Government

The Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) is a national initiative to buy the environmental service of carbon abatement. Its early focus was on the land sector, where Queensland has a strong interest in co-benefits such as biodiversity and Great Barrier Reef water quality protection. The state needed to know if it could leverage ERF funds for environmental improvement.

Losee Consulting scrutinised the detail of the ERF methods, formulating a possible model for state involvement. The project tested the viability of this model, including a full assessment of risks and opportunities. The study particularly focussed on the potential for simultaneously reducing greenhouse emissions and nitrogen runoff from sugar cane farms and grazing lands.

Presenting alternatives alongside detailed recommendations on how to implement a program while managing risk gave the government the opportunity to gauge whether the effort it would have to invest and the lead time justified creating a complementary program.