Local Government Renewable Energy Strategy and Procurement

Solar farm

Local Government Renewable Energy Procurement

The Council of Mayors SEQ saw an opportunity to pool resources and purchasing power to incentivise large-scale renewable energy generation. Scott Losee led a team in the development of a renewable energy roadmap. The scope included analysing council requirements, evaluating technologies and identifying project opportunities (wind, solar and energy from waste). We developed a business case based on market activity and forecast prices for renewable and ‘black’ energy.

Scott then led advisory services for the Brisbane City Council, who conducted market sounding and tendering for large-scale renewables. Working alongside Council’s program and procurement personnel, our advisory services included tender documentation, approach to market strategies, energy markets, risk management, financial analysis of options and briefing decision makers.

The procurement was successful and would have translated into a large-scale renewable energy project had the preferred project obtained federal a Solar Flagships grant. Scott Losee led these projects while attached to Maunsell AECOM.