Business strategy facilitation – Healthy Land and Water

Business strategy facilitation for Healthy Land and Water NRM

Healthy Land and Water (HLW) is an independent South East Queensland Natural Resource Management (NRM) organisation which resulted from a merger in 2017 of two organisations each with a history of twenty years working in waterway and catchment health. HLW sought external advice to assist in exploring both its internal cultural identity on the back of the merger and aid in setting its future direction, moving beyond dependency on government funding to greater self-reliance and efficiency in an era of increasing market competition. CEO Julie McLellan sought assistance in facilitating whole staff, board and executive team workshops to explore cultural development and to finalise business and operational plans.

Scott Losee and Ramola Yardi worked with Julie to prepare for and conduct three planning days to achieve HLW’s aims. One innovative strategy we employed was to break-down the elements of key products and services into customers, competitors, financial performance and action, using a ‘flash-card’ format to facilitate group discussion and decision making.

With a better understanding of what HLW was and what it wanted to be in the future, the organisation has continued to evolve its focus and diversification efforts. Alongside its work to build resilience into the landscapes and waterways of South East Queensland, HLW continues to support go2zone, a for-profit initiative to reduce plastic bottle pollution through the installation of free water refill stations.