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Developing communication materials on the benefits of timber

Benefits of timber fact sheets for Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) sought to assist the timber industry to promote a better appreciation of timber’s benefits among building asset decision makers within government and wider industry. Considerable information was available, but it was not targeted or accessible.

Losee Consulting partnered with Sydney’s Edge Environment to develop the content for 12 fact sheets and a summary document. We collated existing technical information and presented it in a manner that would build a solid case for timber being a preferred building material.

We adopted a ‘skim, wade, deep dive’ structural concept, to give readers key facts quickly, or lead them to detailed information as they needed. The Quick Facts section provided compelling facts or stats that dealt with key issues such as strength, durability and fire.

Timber Queensland published the fact sheets in time for its April 2018 conference.