Leaders are already too busy with their day jobs, and not all organisations have the capacity to employ senior personnel in specialist fields. This is where knowledgeable and seasoned consultants are invaluable.

At Losee Consulting, we relish problems that have no obvious solution, or for which a novel approach could achieve a breakthrough.

Project examples

Helping develop Queensland’s Plastic Pollution Reduction Plan. Managing stakeholder engagement, negotiating policy, preparing plan content.

Cross-laminated timber image

Developing communication materials on the benefits of timber. Preparation of 12 fact sheets for the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries to encourage timber use.

Business strategy facilitation for Healthy Land and Water, a leading Queensland NRM. Planning day facilitation and business strategy for the whole staff, board and executive team.

Public policy

Our team’s professional experience is split between the public and private sectors. We are equally comfortable briefing ministers or infrastructure project directors.

Out-sourcing aspects of policy development can give departmental or Council teams greater latitude to engage with stakeholders and develop options.

We have the experience to develop policy diplomatically, negotiate with key stakeholders and produce superior written reports and presentations to build support for policy interventions.


Have you considered using your organisation’s purchasing power to drive cost-effective outcomes in environment and sustainability?

It can be successful, but to do it effectively, you need to appreciate what the market can deliver and how to express requirements and aspirations effectively.

We have experience in complex energy, transport and construction procurements aiming to achieve co-benefits on top of value-for-money outcomes.

Corporate strategy

There is an opportunity for asset-heavy and project-focussed organisations to increase efficiency, improve consistency and mitigate risk by establishing policies and procedures at a corporate level.

We aim to reduce your reliance on consultants for ad hoc delivery of project-level procedures by rolling them up to effective corporate systems.