Doing more but costing less. Being resilient to an unknown future. Enabling growth while preserving lifestyles and the environment. Society expects a lot from infrastructure.

Every year, significant public and private investments are made in infrastructure, and our clients are intimately involved in planning, designing, creating and operating these real assets.

Project examples

Cross River Rail client-side ISCA advisory. Strategic guidance and assistance on Queensland’s largest infrastructure project to obtain an ‘Excellent’ IS rating.

Independent sustainability professional services for Inland Rail. Beginning with Parkes to Narromine and Narrabri to North Star, and then the whole program.


Ipswich Motorway, Rocklea to Darra infrastructure sustainability services. ISCA implementation, achieving an ‘Excellent’ IS Design rating with 59 points.

Challenging expectations

Infrastructure development has always faced difficult to reconcile competing interests.

With public investment, governments are answerable to the public for all costs and implications. For private investment, accountability is to investors, regulators, stakeholders and customers.

Among the efforts to grapple with these expectations are rigorous business cases, complex tendering processes, and recently, the application of sustainability ratings.

It’s a fascinating challenge we love.

Infrastructure sustainability

Losee Consulting is a leading provider of services for the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia’s (ISCA) Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating scheme.

Scott Losee was a founder of ISCA and has served on the ISCA board, chaired the Technical Advisory Panel and independently verified over 50 ratings. In 2015, Scott received ISCA’s Individual Leadership in Infrastructure Sustainability Award.

Our team has delivered IS ratings for several projects and advised public and private asset owners on specifying and managing ISCA requirements.

We are uniquely positioned to help gain high IS ratings and identify where sustainability adds value.


We work alongside engineers, scientists, architects, planners and consultation professionals to discover, develop and evaluate innovations that genuinely advance sustainability.