Help hack Queensland climate change policy

Meet-up: Help hack the Queensland Government’s climate change policy…


When? Tuesday, June 21st, 2016, 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Where? QUT – Gardens Point Campus, S Block, Level 6 – Room 636/7

Why? Because we care about Queensland and how it responds to climate change

How? Facilitated workshop and problem-solving techniques

Let’s face it: climate change policy at all levels of government has struggled. It’s fraught, deeply divided and probably won’t save us from 2 degrees of global warming, which itself is probably disastrous. Maybe governments can’t solve this problem? Can we do better?

The Queensland Government released a discussion paper on climate change, which is open for comment until August 5th. This unofficial gathering of professionals and interested people will deconstruct how Queensland, as a state, a people, or as a place to do business, can reduce climate impacts and adapt to climate changes, in a way that doesn’t depend on the politics of the government of the day. We’ll search for a few creative, cut-through, design solutions that can stick.

A ‘hack’ in this context is ‘A clever solution to a tricky problem.’ This hack session is—

  • Not official
  • Not endorsed, aligned or sponsored
  • Not political
  • At least mildly anti-establishment and hopefully entertaining.

Open event, free attendance, but RSVP essential by June 19th to: Scott Losee,

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