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Women to inspire sustainable futures

I’ve been reflecting on what inspires people to commit to their working or private lives to help nudge sustainability along. My daughters are curious about environmental protection – how can I feed their curiosity? What would have a chance of inspiring them? I personally find the effort of individuals inspiring, especially if they have fascinating […]

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UQ Future Jobs Forum, excerpts from remarks

20 August 2015 …I’ll address infrastructure and sustainability – both long words. Infrastructure is what few people think about but everyone depends on. Sustainability is what everybody talks about but few want to embrace if it means a less affluent, less comfortable or less convenient lifestyle… Trends So, what about infrastructure? Do you know where […]

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Sustainable decision making – exception or rule?

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Tip from an IS Verifier By Scott Losee The goal of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia’s (ISCA) IS rating scheme is to transform the infrastructure industry to be more sustainable. A key to the transformation must be the way decisions are made regarding the creation and operation of infrastructure assets throughout their lifecycles. The […]

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