Losee Consulting helps clients advance their interests as they confront sustainability, climate change and environmental challenges. We provide thoughtful analysis, practical advice and outstanding deliverables.

Whether you have specific requirements, such as achieving a sustainability rating, or a general need, such as becoming more climate resilient, our approach delivers value in several key ways.

Collaboration and empathy. We understand that our clients are at different stages with sustainability, climate adaptation and environmental management. We gear our approach to help client organisations make progressive changes, challenging them or tempering their enthusiasm as needed.

Compelling communication. We aim for the highest standards when communicating the results of our work, whether as written documents or presentations to executive decision makers. Clients can be confident that the outcomes of our work will be readily understood, and our work products can be shared with stakeholders.

Knowledge and experience. The basis of our practice is the deep knowledge and years of experience we bring—in fields that are still new to many. As seasoned professionals, we quickly grasp our clients’ needs and provide the right level of analysis to aid decision making, saving time and hassle.