Independent review is the best way to give yourself and your stakeholders comfort that your business is meeting its goals and obligations.

Scott Losee Consulting brings a ‘fresh pair of eyes’, providing critical analysis, objective advice and insights from 25 years of deep and diverse experience across private and public sector organisations.

In a reviewing role, Scott can act as a mentor to teams or isolated professionals where specialist expertise in environment, sustainability and climate change may not be retained in-house.

Reviews—We can customise an independent review of your project or business using on-site or desktop techniques. Reviews focus on what is important to you. Our reports are succinct and high quality, containing actionable recommendations. We also deliver engaging presentations to decision makers.

Audits—examine evidence to determine whether criteria have been fulfilled. Sampling makes them efficient but less comprehensive. We audit environmental management systems, quality systems and management plans.

Verification—Scott Losee verifies Infrastructure Sustainability assessments for the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA). When not assigned, he can perform the Independent Sustainability Professional role and conduct pre-lodgement reviews. We also conduct energy and water audits and validate or verify greenhouse gas assertions.

Qualifications and certifications

  • Exemplar Global certification for Quality and Environmental Management Systems Lead Auditor
  • Verifier, Infrastructure Sustainability
  • Infrastructure Sustainability Accredited Professional
  • Water Efficiency Assessor, Queensland
  • Member of the Australian Organisation for Quality
  • Member of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (continuously since 1992)

Project examples

Motorway depot environmental review

Environmental review of motorway depot

Gold Link tram

Verification of Infrastructure Sustainability Ratings

Green Loans Audit Services

Green Loans Audit Services