There is really no denying that climate change will have far reaching implications for how we live and how we do business. But many organisations and places are not even well adapted to existing climate variability. Meanwhile the build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is having an increasing, but often difficult to discern, influence.

Many excellent thinkers are studying what will happen with the climate and how communities, organisations and governments ought to adapt. Our view is that there is no separate prescription for organisational or community adaptation and we have to start with what is practical. Our goal is to work with your organisation’s existing structure and processes to improve resilience, not to bamboozle you with jargon or data of questionable value.

Risk assessment and resilience

We can take your organisation through a rigorous risk assessment, or refresh your existing risk assessment and integrate it with corporate risk registers and management arrangements. We recommend acquiring up-to-date analysis of local climate based on observations and interpretations of climate projections. Our workshop facilitation methods are outcome focussed and respectful of employees’ time.

Local government and utilities

Local governments and water and energy utilities are ‘at the coalface’ of climate impact, and they have been leaders in adaptation. Losee Consulting has a particular appreciation of and empathy for councils, utilities and state agencies. We are adept at working across disciplines and organisational divisions to develop integrated strategies that will win executive support.

Adaptation planning

Your plan must be prudent and considered. We will help identify an appropriate pathway, encouraging optimal investments over time, in infrastructure, but also in building workforce, community and customer resilience.

Project examples

480 Queen St Climate Adaptation

QUU Climate Change Risk Review

Gold Coast Climate Change Strategy